Our Experience is Wide and Deep

In addition to decades of senior leadership experience in start-up, early stage, growth and public companies in multiple industries, we have hands-on “full-stack” marketing expertise in a range of industries such as: SaaS software, AI, CPG technology, medical device and pharma supply chain, technology managed services. Here are examples of Gold & Partners engagements:


Client Early stage AI-based planning and optimization software for large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Consumer Brands
Problem How to get the attention of large, national and multi-national CPGs, successfully demonstrate the value of the company’s product and gain commitment for a pilot project.
Role Fractional CMO
Result Working in conjunction with the consultative Sales team we developed a detailed profile of their ideal target prospect, leveraging the characteristics of existing, successful customers. That formed the basis for an account-based marketing (ABM) program.

To support the ABM program we executed a full marketing program including a website rebuild, refined SEO, frequent blogging, customer testimonials, participation in key industry association events, engagement with the press and industry analysts, and developed a detailed ROI calculator to support Sales efforts.  The result was a pipeline increase of 300% and successful Series A funding.


Client Fortune 50 Global pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer products manufacturer
Problem With a centralized global supply chain organization, interactions with their over 250 separate business unit partners was complicated and often fraught with friction. The challenge was to take several hundred senior leaders whose expertise was IT and operational systems, and help them to develop the skills necessary to better communicate and collaborate in order to achieve corporate-mandated objectives.
Role Senior Consultant
Result Developed a series of change management initiatives, leveraging both internal expertise and external resources to educate, model and support behavioral and interactive changes between the global team and their internal customers.

Transformation work was done with senior and mid-level leadership to stand up teams for educational programs, hands-on training, one-to-one coaching sessions and tool development to support improved methods of engagement between the teams. Built out a formal structure that was funded and staffed for ongoing oversight and continued relationship improvement.


Client Growth stage Transportation Management System SaaS software provider
Problem Company was struggling to differentiate its product offerings from other mid-market application providers, resulting in stalled growth.
Role Fractional CMO
Result Evaluated the current product offering market fit, target prospects, competitive products and revamped go-to-market strategy and restructured the existing marketing team to take advantage of the company’s competitive strengths. In addition to target refocusing, an awareness campaign was initiated to gain greater market visibility and analyst awareness resulting in first-ever, favorable mentions in the press and in analyst industry reports. This heightened visibility directly led to interest by larger market players and resulted in a successful acquisition of the company.


Client Series B SaaS and AI-based Sales Compensation Management (SPM) software company
Problem The company was trying to grow its share in a crowded market with an innovative, but premium-priced product, with the CEO/Founder leading the marketing efforts.
Role Interim VP Marketing
Result Worked with the VP Sales and other leadership to understand and articulate real product differentiators, leveraging existing customer success stories to reflect the full value proposition of the company’s products. To bring the product to market and grow sales in a repeatable and scalable way I established a full stack, high-functioning marketing team to focus on top of funnel lead gen, competitive product positioning and market visibility, including analyst engagement. The resultant efforts expanded the prospect pipeline generated by marketing from less than 20% of the total pipeline to over 50% in under a year.


Client Analyst recognized Technology Expense Management (TEM) software provider
Problem How to differentiate and grow business in a commoditized market where providers are replaced routinely.
Role Strategy and Marketing Advisor
Result Established marketing strategy and leveraged third party resources for long term lead generation and market visibility efforts. As a result of this work the company gained numerous industry awards and industry analyst recognition further building market awareness leading to an eventual successful acquisition.


Client Regional ($50m) provider of Support Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Problem In spite of high market demand, growth of client base was consistently below targets, putting geographic growth at risk.
Role Strategy and Marketing Advisor
Result EPerforming a root cause analysis, an extensive client input process and an employee analysis we identified the foundational issues that were ultimately leading to the company’s underperformance. At the core was a problem with employee recruitment and retention which led to downstream impacts that were impeding growth. The Recruitment team was refocused, a recruitment marketing strategy and plan were created and overseen by Gold & Partners.

Additionally, a retention program was put into place, reducing turnover in key areas, and a new collaboration model was instituted to better match requirements with recruiting efforts. As a result of these changes the company was able to get back on its planned growth curve and geographic expansion, leading to a successful acquisition by a national firm.

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