About Us

Gold & Partners LLC was founded to address the myriad marketing and strategy challenges that growing companies face every day:

                        •  Am I reaching the right targets?
                        •  Does my product or service meet market needs?
                        •  Where do I stand competitively?
How do I build a high-performing marketing team?
What marketing channels should I invest in?
How do I get the market to recognize me?
Why can’t I get Marketing and Sales to work together?
How do I measure my results?

Drawing on decades of leadership experience in building smarter, more integrated and productive  marketing and sales teams, Gold & Partners has developed an engagement approach that is collaborative, inclusive, creative and most of all, pragmatic. Going bigger isn’t always better. Spending more often gets you less. It’s all about being smart, knowing where you’re going, planning the best way to get there—and knowing what to do if you hit an obstacle.

What do you mean by “Partners?”

The “Partners” in Gold & Partners consists of a growing, eclectic mix of talented professionals including specialists who focus on predictive analytics and marketing ROI, digital marketers, print and web designers, video producers, website builders, researchers, content developers and others.

We Really are Different

The world is filled with consultants who pull out their template, follow a standard playbook, and move on. Worse, many “consultants” are really just digital agencies posing as full-stack marketing advisors. You’ll find that Gold & Partners approaches your business needs with a clean slate, a fresh eye, a collaborative spirit, and most important, a full toolbox of marketing knowledge.

Building a lasting relationship is important to us, and our success in providing ongoing value is reflected in our many multi-year engagements.

Learn More About Our Experience

Alan Gold, Managing Principal

Alan developed his Marketing expertise over decades of forward-looking executive leadership, strategic planning, global marketing, product management, partnership development, M&A, and sales development experience in early stage, growth and public B2B companies. An enthusiastic evaluator of the latest techniques and technologies, he combines his experience with the right tools to get the desired results for his clients. In addition to his years of start-up and corporate leadership roles, Alan frequently serves as a long term fractional CMO or VP of Marketing as well as an ongoing strategic and marketing advisor in a wide range of industries.

Alan believes strongly in community service, sitting on several non-profit boards, a city government commission, and supports a number of local arts and cultural institutions. He’s also an avid student of history and an experienced horseman—and yes, he has several cowboy hats.