Clarity Drives Results

Gold & Partners is a marketing consulting firm that provides smart, practical marketing solutions to small and medium sized companies. We have extensive marketing expertise in technology, professional services, and financial services. Regardless of industry, the business goals and the marketing roadmap are more similar than not.

Revenue Generation. It's what every company needs, large or small. It can result from lead generation efforts, new product launches, new market entry, or just better leveraging what you already have. And then there's social media - a mystery to some and for other firms, it's a part of their integrated marketing effort. Just another channel.

How do you make it all work? We hope this website gives you insight and helps you partner with the right marketing resource.

Do you ask yourself…

“Are my marketing efforts working?”

“What is our social media effort doing for us?”

“Where are our new leads?”

“Should I automate my marketing?”

Where should you direct your team, if you have a team? These questions are more common than you may realize. Let’s cut through the clutter and shiny technology objects, and help you get back to the basics.

Our Blog

Click, Send. The Joys…and Pain of Email!

My latest piece is a reminder that email may be wonderfully convenient, but it can also be problematic! Not that long ago communication was a lot more straightforward.  Not better, necessarily, but certainly easier to manage.  Letters, memos, phone calls (with their attendant pink message slips) and face to face meetings pretty much covered the gamut of how we got our thoughts across, questions answered, sales made and deals done.  Those weren’t necessarily the “good old days.”  There was a … [Read More...]

Customer Insights

Who are your customers?

Why do they buy from you today?

What do they need tomorrow?

You may think you know the answers, but it’s more likely you only think you do – or you haven’t asked in far too long to be sure. Or, if you’re like most businesses, knowing more about your customers is perpetually on your to do list.

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