Click, Send. The Joys…and Pain of Email!

My latest piece is a reminder that email may be wonderfully convenient, but it can also be problematic! Not that long ago communication was a lot more straightforward.  Not better, necessarily, but … [Read More...]

The Challenge of December

Every industry and business has its own rhythm and cycles, with slow periods interspersed with times of exhausting activity.  Making sure you understand, anticipate and plan for both is the difference … [Read More...]

Building a Culture for Success

Having spent most of my professional career in the technology world, I’ve seen, and been a part of bringing some pretty amazing innovations to the market.  Some have truly changed how we get things … [Read More...]

Know What Problem You’re Solving–Before Buying Technology

I admit it.  I’m part of the problem.  Or used to be. Mea culpa. Guilty. I apologize.  Ah, that feels better!  Always helpful to unburden ones’ self.  So, what heinous acts have I performed that … [Read More...]

Overcoming the Challenge of Summer

For many businesses, the summer is a particularly complicated time: it’s hard to keep sales and marketing momentum up when the beach beckons, prospect and customer email vacation autoreplies load up … [Read More...]