Strategy & Planning

Do you know what you need to know to grow?

Strategy and planning can be a daunting task, so many companies avoid the process. But without a clear strategy how do you know where you’ll end up? Market and political forces change at digital speed, so checking in with customers, getting the pulse on your market and the competitive landscape are critical for sustained growth. An investment of a little time and well–directed efforts can save a business money, resources and improve sales efficiency.

Would your company benefit from having a plan of attack based on current insights with measurements and specific activities? Do you need to better align and engage your teams to focus on the most important goals? Here are a few examples of the types of strategic planning Gold & Partners offers.


Market Segmentation – Are you positioned well in the market today?

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis to position for clear differentiation and the best opportunity for sales success.
  • Target Market Characteristics development creates the drivers of product and service development efforts.
  • Product Offering Gap Analysis creates better alignment of product offering and market need.


Buyer Personas – Who is your true decision maker?

  • Buying Persona Development identifies the economic buyer, influencers and referral sources for more effective messaging.
  • Pain Point Identification positions sales and marketing with highly effective solutions-based messaging that connects with your buyers.
  • Product Bundling encourages cross-sell and up-sell opportunities earlier in the sales process.


Customer InsightDo you really know your customers?

  • Existing Customer Interviews to obtain current feedback on brand and product/service perceptions, and identify hidden issues and future opportunities.
  • New Prospect Insight to capture hidden buying criteria, decision-making process drivers, and value messaging.
  • Customer Database Insight provides trend analysis to feed sales and business development teams with “low hanging fruit” opportunities.