3 Easy Ways To Join the Conversation

Are you on LinkedIn but not sure what to do with it? Have you noticed your contacts sharing articles, commenting on posts, asking questions? You can join the conversation and become more visible as quick as typing in your update.

“What should I say?” you ask. You are an expert in whatever you do. If you are not, become one. Be a student of your occupation and share your knowledge. Don’t sell. Just share.

How to get started:

1. “Share Content” – if you see a business article that interests you, post it. Just copy and paste the article’s URL, then go to your Update Posting Box and paste the link. LinkedIn should automatically post a visual icon from the article and the first few lines. You can add a comment that highlights what you thought was most interesting or surprising to learn.

• “Share” an article that one of your contacts posted
• Post a link to an article you’ve written from your website, published source, etc.

2. “Join the Conversation” – to start out, you can “Like” a post that is in your activity feed – someone’s new picture, a new job posting, shared content. Be a thought leader on the business subject you are passionate about.
• Share a time management tip you just learned.
• Post an industry “trend” or new fact as you return from a conference or seminar

3. “Create the conversation” – To up your game, join a Group and answer a question or a Poll. And, of course if you want to jump in head first, start your own Group and manage the dialogue yourself!
• Post questions that give you insight to your customers
• Find out what tools people use to manage their business by using a Poll

How to measure:

Your activity and engagement ROI can be measured on LinkedIn. Be sure to check out your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature on your LinkedIn home page. You’ll understand who is viewing from your contacts and new contacts you might be attracting. Additionally, you can use your Notifications feature (the flag at the top next to your mail icon) to easily track who is responding and engaging with you.