Execution & Rollout

Do you have the resources to get it done?

Execution and rollout of marketing activities can be challenging with the increasing specialization of marketing automation and digital marketing. Companies often struggle with social media and how to connect with more than just their current followers. Content may be “king” but obtaining new, qualified leads is still Job #1.

Gold & Partners provides flexible work arrangements – either with your existing marketing team or as your outsourced experts. As marketing generalists, we know when and how to use–and measure–social media as well as traditional marketing efforts for lead generation, awareness building, new product rollouts, etc.


  • Program Development leverages the knowledge gained from strategic planning to develop the activities that create engagement and identify leads.
  • Social Media Content Strategy provides the direction and process to identify relevant topics and copy that can be repurposed effectively to demonstrate expertise and solutions.
  • Results Analysis establishes measurement and reporting mechanisms that enable early program refinement and marketing ROI.