Customer Insights

Who are your customers? 

Why do they buy from you today?

What do they need tomorrow?

You may think you know the answers, but it’s more likely you only think you do—or you haven’t asked in far too long to be sure. Or, if you’re like most businesses, knowing more about your customers is perpetually on your To Do list.


The Challenges:

 Struggling to grow?

Understanding your customers’ needs, wants and expectations is the fastest path to “low hanging fruit” for your sales team. The goal is to sell more to existing customers, and find more just like them.

Sales team spending too much time with the wrong prospect?

Identifying the best fits for your sales efforts starts with understanding what the best targets look like. Prioritize your precious sales time is critical for efficiency. Focus on the prospects you’ve got a chance to close. To do that you need to know what “best” looks like.

Products or services meeting your customers’ needs in all your markets?

If you’re not sure about fit you may just find they’re going to look elsewhere for something that better meets their requirements. The more you know the better you can plan—and apply that knowledge to other markets.

Know what your customers are thinking?

If you don’t, you might just be surprised when the next renewal period comes around or you try to sell them something new. They may not be happy with you. They could be talking to your competitors. Don’t be blindsided by dissatisfaction or changed requirements.


The Solution: Gold & Partners’ Customer Insights

Leveraging a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques, we provide a Gap Analysis through customer interviews and other relevant audiences (influencers, referral sources, partners) to identify current-day needs and wants, as well as future expectations.

A detailed analysis of your customer database and purchase history provides a clear, accurate view of revenue by market, title, purchase decisions, and profitability. All together you know who your customers are, why they buy and where to look for more business.


Benefits and Value

  • A clear plan to find new customers
  • Create preferred customer profiles for sales & marketing efforts (demographic, geographic, behavioral)
  • Re-prioritize current prospecting targets
  • Capture hidden customer issues
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • More powerful sales and marketing messages
  • More effective and timely marketing and customer care messaging (content strategy)