What is a Content Strategy?

How does one build a “Content Strategy”? What is it?

The most concise definition we’ve found for Content Strategy is from Kristina Halvorso, author of Content Strategy for the Web. She defines content strategy as “the practice of planning for content creation, delivery and governance.”

In my experience, the strategic phase is the most challenging for clients. We believe that keeping it simple works best. If you have identified the pain points your customers suffer and aligned your solutions to those pain points, then you have the platform for a content strategy.

Create a Content Calendar by identifying one topic a month (or a week depending on your company and your audience) and craft your “pain/solution” message in every medium you can develop. Create a YouTube video (interview, demo, etc. – a Flip video is a great inexpensive way to create a video), a blog post, web content update, an article, posts for social media including LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Facebook, and an email blast or blurb in your eNewsletter. Sending a consistent message regarding a topic each month through a variety of channels will increase awareness of your client-focused solutions. A calendar of topics facilitate proactive development of the individual elements and increase the odds of execution. Keep it simple, then “wash, rinse and repeat”.

If you want to take your Content Strategy to the next level, consider monitoring conversations your decision makers are having and bring that dialogue into your message platform. If content analysis is needed, then you will want to add metadata, taxonomy and search engine optimization. More robust Content Strategies include syndication of content, usability tests and benchmarks. Check out the links provided on Content Strategy under the Resources page of our website.

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