The “AHA Moment”

You know when it happens. You are in a meeting with a prospect, and your sales guy just got the prospect to stop breathing. Maybe his jaw drops. Maybe his eyes enlarge. This is the “AHA Moment”.

When your true value proposition comes through and hits your prospect over the head….well, then you’ve done it. I’ve seen it happen. And what fascinates me is for most companies, that moment isn’t captured anywhere outside of that scenario.  This critical message isn’t articulated anywhere else in the materials that the prospect has seen. It’s not on the website, it wasn’t in the email blast he received, or in the direct mail piece. It wasn’t in the article he read about the company. In fact, it’s not even highlighted in the sales presentation he’s experiencing.

This is the marketer’s dream: to find the golden nuggets that create the “AHA Moment”. Then, the marketer makes it come alive.

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