Rubbing Elbows – Is there an ROI?

“I don’t need marketing – that’s just brochures and stuff. My marketing is me – my relationships. My clients buy ME.”

Many professional services firms believe that marketing is all about creating brochures and a few ads for the local newspaper. And many firms are generously supportive of the local softball team and charitable events, which can raise visibility of the firm’s name. But, that’s really only the beginning.

“Relationship Marketing” exists. It’s meant to support the “Relationship Sales Process” as defined by many as rubbing elbows at Chamber of Commerce events and local Golf Club outings. Relationship Marketing planning builds a strategy that ensures that the firm gets the best Rubbing Elbows ROI. Sponsoring Special Interest Group (SIG) at your firm’s headquarters and creating a learning and networking environment for clients and prospects is one of the many tactics that would support a “Thought Leadership” approach, but you need a strategy that supports your business goals.

It’s true that there’s so little time to plan these events, but if you don’t, you’ll lose the Relationship Sales game. Your competitors are getting smarter at it. Get ahead of the game and get inside your clients’ heads – what do they need and want? Now that’s a real relationship.

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